Acknowledging the importance of technology

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Technology is for sure very important especially these days. Without technology, our daily lives will still be inconvenient. It is very vital to all businesses nowadays. It unlocks all sorts of benefits. Not only reducing costs, but also delivering growth. Almost every business process is being underpinned by technology. So, naturally enough, businesses everywhere are looking for systems to help with their planning and organization, things like ERP.

Looking back at the history of technology, the word itself was first used by Jacob Bigelow in 1829, to discuss the “application of sciences to the useful arts”. Some of the applications of technology during his time was the first Accordian patented in 1829 by Cyril Demian in Austria and the Typographer which was patented by William Austin Burt in the United States in 1829. However, innovation didn’t start during that time, nor did it end. Is there an invention after you were born Bot-to technology services is ready to serve you? The Collins English Dictionary (2014) partially defines technology as “knowledge and abilities offered to any human society”.

Before such knowledge was available, communication across channels was nonexistent. But due to innovation, technology has grown to enable us to create connections across the globe. There have been many innovations in the 20th and 21st centuries. Do you have any idea how many were made after you were born? No matter what we’ve created in the name of technology, there is no limit to our creation’s function. We can always improve, redesign, break down, or even build up.